How Much Does a Wedding Video Cost?

How Much Does a Wedding Video Cost?

we are able to’t strain enough what an incredible funding a wedding video is – there is nothing quite like getting to look at back your very personal wedding day as soon as the celebrations had been and long past, reliving all of the motion! but how a good deal do you want to finances for a marriage video? We enlisted the assist of Rowan Gallagher from Kaper Video who talks us thru how a whole lot a wedding video costs and why. Over to Rowan…

The maximum common enquiry each wedding video dealer receives; ‘Are you to be had on X date and how much does your wedding video price.’ It’s an inexpensive query, but a fee is constructed up of many factors and no videographers provide an same provider or have the identical fashion.

The average couple in 2018, who gets married in ireland, spends €26,half usual with €1,283 of that going closer to the wedding video cost, in step with a survey by means of in early 2018. The minimum you’ll probably pay is €800-900 and the higher-end videographers will be €2,000+.

Weddings videos cost what they do for a great reason. The satisfactory advice is to observe the samples and check availability of or 3 that appear inside price range. want a marriage video that’s better than average? you will probable want to price range more than the common charge for it. There are a few matters that make a contribution to the price.

range of videographers

delivering a fantastic wedding ceremony video is viable with just a single shooter, however there are many benefits to having or greater to be had, just like having two photographers – however as you could believe that comes at a top rate.

traditional or cinematic

Cinematic wedding ceremony films are becoming more and more famous, commonly require greater expertise and time to provide. This, of path, comes with a charge top rate.

Hours of coverage

Arguably, the subsequent largest issue for wedding ceremony video cost is the period of coverage, couples don’t usually comprehend, but staying till the first few dances typically means a number of hours waiting around, especially if speeches are earlier than the meal. A full day, from prep in both homes to the first few dances is typically 12+ hours of insurance.

Cinematic vs conventional

Left: camcorder right: mirrorless camera

It’s hard to describe with 100% accuracy the general difference between a cinematic and conventional videographer. every supplier has a totally specific style and taste plus a few are in a middle ground even as transitioning from the traditional manufacturing to some thing more cinematic.



Cheat-sheet to get the high-quality from your video

From left to proper, the comparative decision of a DVD vs HD vs UHD 4k

– Get a USB not a DVD – DVD is a low decision layout which is some distance under the contemporary trendy decision for video. move for HD as a minimum and get a USB or down load of you video

– choose up the microphone even if you think the group can hear you

– Don’t pace round while making your speech

– Have the speeches earlier than the meal

– Say something heartfelt inside the speeches, it enables with the narrative

– tell your videographer if there is a massive set piece going on i.e. you’re doing a gift change or your father is on the way and about to peer you for the primary time in your get dressed

– tell your guests to avoid photos at some stage in rite and speeches

– Have fun and forget the videographer is there!

– anybody has 5-big name evaluations across the board, samples are the first-rate manner to pick out a videographer

– Your friend’s flavor in wedding films may be very unique to yours, so constantly watch samples

– If you can have the funds for it, have a group of videographers to capture all the angles and moments

– let your videographer select the music

– Don’t ask to use unlicensed track as it's miles illegal

important picture from Oriel & Niall’s actual wedding via Emma Russell pictures

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