My Favorite Kitchens of All Time

My Favorite Kitchens of All Time

THE range: The whole vibe for this kitchen truly revolves around this epic stove. I do not even want to inform you the dirty things i might do with this range. i really like it. I assume it loves me returned and it's a number of 1 contender for brand new kitchen.

The RUG: i have an Anthropologie runner in my modern-day kitchen. i really like it. it is a machine made rug that has aged gracefully in spite of the face that i've 3 children and puppies - one in every of that is a not potty skilled doggy. So, I truly do appreciate the appearance that this rug offers with out the hefty charge tag.

The STOOLS: i love these stools. constantly have, constantly will. i'm ninety nine% positive that some thing appearance I decide for my kitchen, it's going to contain these stools.

The Marble: I realize that we will talk approximately marble until we have lost the potential to think however I do experience that spending the time trying to find that best slab is properly well worth the attempt. every piece of marble is so extraordinary. They end in a different way. They age in a different way. They capture mild in their personal precise manner. much like any other stone, the nuances are so specific to every slab so i'm able to most in reality be installing the hours that it takes to locate the proper piece to spotlight all of the different factors of our kitchen.

The lighting: Confession. I virtually already offered two of those Regina Pendants for our destiny kitchen. i'm captivated with them. however, if I had been to move on this path, i'd consider swapping them out for those Pottery Barn pendants as an alternative.

The art. I think that human beings gravitate toward "Kitchen artwork" - herbs, bowls of food, matters of that nature. I do not love that technique. i get so glad when I see a small portrait tucked into some outdoor cabinets or a pretty floral piece that brings some colour into the distance. artwork is one of those things that is regularly definitely forgotten approximately with regards to kitchens.

The accessories. other than artwork, i've a love affair of little trinkets that i'm able to locate with the intention to make my kitchen feel like mine. After my ultimate experience to Brimfield (an awesome flea and vintage marketplace here in New England), I got here back with a few blue and white Blue Willow Pottery, 2 extensive round bread boards similar to within the photo above and some other little odds and ends that now sit down fortuitously in my own kitchen. LOVE love love the look of bread boards on the wall, a pretty candle burning close to the sink and a appropriate table set with White Dishes and Gold Flatware (i have six sets...which is embarrassing).

So tell me inside the feedback underneath...what does YOUR dream kitchen look like?

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