June 2018 Crossword Answer Key

June 2018 Crossword Answer Key

1. New horse

5. end of the lunch hour, commonly

10. glad or sad, say (abbr.)

13. no longer prone (to)

19. Org. with a Statue of Liberty logo

20. Intro degree

21. “___ whiz!”

22. Frank

23. kids’ menu alternative

26. Earmarks

27. before, in poems

28. inside the manner of

29. good surname for a meteorologist?

30. ___ Hill (San Francisco community)

31. SUV named for a mountain

33. way to avoid the paparazzi

38. not unusual way to fail

42. help

43. Anvil and hammer’s region

forty four. Opera opener

47. Have memorized

48. Lopsided victory

50. Older granddaughter of Abraham Simpson

51. Jim who hit number one in 1973 with each “Time in a Bottle” and “horrific, horrific Leroy Brown”

fifty three. Luminesce

55. resist

56. Preserves, in a manner

fifty seven. home to a baseball-bat museum

sixty one. Picnic invader

sixty two. bills with Hamilton on them

63. agency branch

sixty four. at the manner up

sixty eight. are searching for damages from

69. Suffix for a computer record

70. Scarecrow stuffing

71. 911 responder

72. Neither here ___ there

seventy three. conflict

75. Get wool from

seventy six. Winged god

77. Org. for doctors

seventy eight. Capital that’s the largest metropolis in important Asia

82. Pence predecessor

eighty five. Watched with giant hobby

86. ___ out (discover)

87. destroy

88. Skater Rippon

89. Secluded valley

ninety. “lets?” reaction

ninety two. Loch ___ (Urquhart fort is on it)

ninety three. 2013 Spike Jonze movie nominated for exceptional photograph

94. Fish at Sushi Taro

ninety five. Bullets legend

99. Earnestly understood, as recommendation

103. Many French vowels

107. Small, amusingly

108. Skate-park hints

110. difficult to explain

111. Holstein, e.g.

112. “Are we completed here?”

a hundred and fifteen. Pirate-ship booty

118. pinnacle crews

119. www.gwu.___

120. Tennessee senator Alexander

121. Olive or orange

122. Watched a chum’s Weimaraners, e.g.

123. Volleyball-match component

124. Wheel of Fortune moves

one hundred twenty five. largest island within the Chesapeake, which also can be discovered “floating” in the six topic entries

1. became closer to

2. Earth tone

3. unexpected

4. Director Jean-___ Godard

5. Dupont Circle restaurant considering the fact that 1987, named for the Washington Monument’s shape

6. Granny

7. one of the Baltic States (abbr.)

eight. Port-of-call feature

9. Longtime Eagles quarterback Donovan ___

10. CIA member?

eleven. Bo of 10

12. I Ain’t got Time to Bleed autobiographer Ventura

13. “Gimme that!”

14. Renaissance-honest cope with

15. Peach ___ (dessert served with ice cream)

sixteen. One, to Pavarotti

17. Badminton barrier

18. ending for Maryland or ny

24. Goddess of destruction

25. Bar-cleaning soap logo

32. pals, in Florence

34. Pacific island country

35. younger who sings “old guy”

36. Dramatis personae

37. ancient instances

39. Maserati mover

forty. Tosses the dice

41. Being looked for with the aid of MPs, maybe

forty four. In ___ by itself (the excellent with the aid of a long shot)

forty five. Pastry portmanteau

forty six. competitive supplier

forty eight. Get more issues

forty nine. Granola additives

50. Potato-chip brand

52. Gloria who sings “Conga” and “right here we are”

fifty four. community north of Foggy bottom

55. Its capital is Minsk

56. moves directly to the subsequent factor

fifty eight. Irritates

59. 14-___ gold

60. Con artist

sixty five. How NFL games hardly ever end

sixty six. ___ land

sixty seven. funds that were applied for

70. The West Wing actor

71. Wave tops

seventy four. item

75. 2nd-biggest island in Scotland

seventy six. buddy of The Beverly Hillbillies

79. First word on the phone

80. one in every of South Africa’s authentic languages

eighty one. Vegas resort where the Rat % frolicked, with “the”

eighty two. Thai currency

eighty three. concept

eighty four. now not displaying a play tonight

89. “Take a hike, friend!”

ninety one. Letters may be back to them

ninety four. Mysterious puzzle

ninety five. Maple ___ (ice-cream taste)

ninety six. ___ the pink

97. Girds (oneself), as for a shock

ninety eight. Russian vehicle

one hundred. stitching-device pioneer Howe

one hundred and one. Gardener’s tubes

102. Slip through the fingers of

104. locate ___ for the not unusual cold

a hundred and five. Sophia of fussier old men

106. Very kind

109. Lose one’s cool

a hundred and ten. Algerian metropolis where Camus set The Plague

112. vacationer-center freebie

113. loved Jaleo, for example

114. to date

116. “You’re oversharing”

117. stocks of a organization (abbr.)

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