Digital or Film? Two Elite Wedding Photographers Explain Their Preference

Digital or Film? Two Elite Wedding Photographers Explain Their Preference

You’ve heard execs and cons on both sides of the controversy… so ought to you hire a marriage photographer that shoots digital or film? We went proper to the supply and asked two finished wedding photographers why they decide on one layout to the opposite.

Weddings are rapid-paced, and i locate myself alternating between indoor and outdoor places with very distinctive lighting fixtures. shooting in my virtual digital camera’s full manual mode lets in me to quickly change my camera’s sensitivity to light so I in no way omit those spontaneous moments. Having the ability to fast preview an picture on the liquid crystal display screen lets in for clean tweaks and changes. That manner you—and your photographer—may have a remarkable level of self belief understanding you’ve nailed the picture.

— Genevieve Leiper, Genevieve Leiper images

movie has a super way of preserving photographers in take a look at and tough them to nail the shot on-site in preference to at the laptop. My favorite issue approximately taking pictures movie is its capacity to capture the most herbal and luminous pores and skin tones at the same time as minimizing any imperfections. film can paintings in any setting, however I discover that coloration film seems extremely good in nicely-lit places and outdoor venues. For dark days or dim lights, I usually comprise a black-and-white film. Don’t fear: deciding on a movie photographer doesn’t suggest you’ll simplest get prints. I work with a film lab that develops each roll of film, scans images right into a computer, and creates high-decision digital pictures that you may print and submit.

— Lisa Blume, Lisa Blume images

light is everything on the subject of pictures, so make certain your biggest photography moments have the high-quality. for instance: pick a dressing location with large windows and natural lighting, and don't forget the walls—darker rooms can create stark comparison, at the same time as rooms with plenty of white create soft, pastel settings. For an outdoor rite, use the sun Seeker app to track in which the solar might be at that time of day. We love it to be behind you, at a -o’clock or ten-o’clock angle from the aisle. you may use the app to identify sunset, and agenda a few minutes to snap pics in the golden rays. in case your reception corridor has no get entry to to natural light, in no way worry! give your photographer a heads-up so we can p.c. their own lights to embellish the gap.

— Carina Bethea, Michael & Carina Photographers

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