Rockville Native Andrew Sean Greer On The Local Origins of His Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novel

Rockville Native Andrew Sean Greer On The Local Origins of His Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novel

Rockville local Andrew Sean Greer turned into greatly surprised when his today's book, much less, gained the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. The comedian novel follows a author as he travels from Morocco to Berlin to Mexico to avoid attending his ex-boyfriend’s wedding. “Greer is brilliantly humorous about the awkwardness that awaits a journeying author of less repute,” wrote the Washington post’s Ron Charles, who will chat with Greer at this appearance (unfastened). just days after he gained the prize, the Georgetown Day college alum talked to us from Italy—where he lives element-time—as he lounged on a ferry on Lake Como.

I’m certain I imagined that i might come returned and i'd display all of them, the manner you do when you’re a bratty teen. without a doubt, I did now not ever consider i'd win the Pulitzer Prize, which I’m nonetheless stuttering at—no. It become sufficient, for my first ebook [in 1999], to return back and give a studying there.

I’m trying to take into account myself at 29. My guess is that I likely turned into more conceited than now. I wager that I didn’t know how to clearly do a studying, so I went on too lengthy, took too many questions, and just loved it questioning I’d never do it again. I just kind of indulged myself. Now i have a feel of what a reading need to be, which is which you’re trying to have interaction the target audience and in a few way entertain them. I’m positive at that factor I simply desired to expose off, which is also perfectly high-quality.

the primary individual is so like me that I stored seeking to exchange little matters so I wouldn’t make it vehicle­biographical. So he’s from Camden, Delaware. That changed into my stand-in for Rockville. He mentions it only in short.

No. I imply, have I been to Delaware? I don’t suppose i've. It’s extra rural and farmy, isn’t it?

shops, right! i used to be much like, “i can’t say Maryland, and that i’m no longer going to say Virginia because it’s essentially the equal.” I picked Delaware due to the fact I idea, properly, no one will ever ask me about that.

Andrew Sean Greer might be at Politics and Prose (Connecticut avenue) on June five.

this text seemed inside the June 2018 difficulty of Washingtonian.

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