Meet the Latest Instagram Dessert to Hit the DC Area: Taiyaki Ice Cream

Meet the Latest Instagram Dessert to Hit the DC Area: Taiyaki Ice Cream

Ever for the reason that Cronut (understand that?), candy treats had been one-upping each different for a moment inside the social media highlight. Over-the-top milkshakes brimming with candy. Doughnut ice cream sandwiches. Black ice cream. And allow’s no longer forget unicorn toast.

Now behold the modern made-for-Instagram dessert to make its local debut: fish-formed taiyaki ice cream. you can discover it for $5 at Boba & Bites in the Mosaic District, which comes from Sea Pearl restaurant & front room owners Sly Lai and Ly Lai. (Ly is likewise one of the sisters in Vietnamese eating place 4 Sisters.)

as opposed to a cone, a japanese fish-formed cake (referred to as taiyaki) serves as the base. you may get the street snack stuffed with crimson bean paste (or now not), and watch it being being molded on a hot press behind the counter. Filling the fish’s agape mouth is a swirl of black sesame, matcha, chocolate, or vanilla smooth-serve. top the dessert with rainbow mochi, sprinkles, a chocolate drizzle, or other toppings for an additional rate.

Chef Sly Lai says Boba & Bites is the first area in the region to serve the deal with. (As far as we realize, he is correct.)

the fast-informal restaurant, which opened remaining fall, also serves a mishmash of Asian street foods, which includes crispy crepes known as jianbing, eastern onigiri rice balls, Hawaiian spam musubi, and chinese rou jia mo sandwiches. You’ll additionally discover bubble teas, smoothies, and other packaged Asian snacks like Pocky sticks and shrimp crackers.

expect more soon. Lai says they already have their next dessert in the works: tender-serve ice cream wrapped in cotton candy. watch for it on Instagram.

Boba & Bites. 8189 Strawberry Lane, #2, Falls Church; 703-866-8288. 

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