This Is the Best Dish Our Food Team Ate This Month

This Is the Best Dish Our Food Team Ate This Month

The dish: Middleneck-clam toast

The vicinity: Momofuku CCDC (1090 I St., NW)

The purpose: Buttery clams with out the mess

What?! No extra red meat buns and ramen for dinner at Momofuku CCDC? That’s proper. Restaurateur David Chang gave the eatery’s new chef, Tae stress, permission to “ruin” the menu. one in all our favorite additions to emerge from the shakeup is this spoon-and-knife dish that’s extra stew than toast. right here’s how he got here up with it.

stress, a Maryland native, spent summers as a kid dwelling off shellfish in his mother’s place of birth of providence, Rhode Island. He knew he desired to feature a clam dish to his menu, but he didn’t want the trouble of messy shells. Grilled sourdough became the proper pairing for Virginia mollusks steamed in lemongrass, dill, and white wine.

Minimalist menu descriptions are a “very Dave element,” stress says, but the dish is more complex than it sounds on paper. Clams and red meat sausage combine with fennel sofrito enriched with smoked butter, lemon, and spinach. The dill mayo includes smoked egg yolks and hot sauce—each made in-residence. the entirety is topped with bread crumbs, cured yolk, and dill, then completed with toasted-fennel-seed oil and chili oil.

The dish takes thought from clam pizza (strain’s favored). “Secretly for me, Italian food is primary,” he says. “while you eat this dish, it really tastes a lot greater Italian than it does Asian.”

this text seemed inside the June 2018 problem of Washingtonian.

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