The Danish Ambassador Is a Lars Eller Superfan

The Danish Ambassador Is a Lars Eller Superfan

Few people were greater excited that Lars Eller scored the Caps’ Stanley Cup-prevailing aim than Lars Gert Lose, Denmark’s ambassador to the usa, who has been texting and tweeting at his countryman all season lengthy (he even sneaked a Caps flag onto the Nordic flow at delight this weekend).

Did you make it right down to the parade?

No, I didn’t. We truely significantly discussed that we must near the embassy today, but we had a few ministers coming in and some conferences these days. alas we couldn’t make it.

have you ever had a hazard to talk to Eller and congratulate him in character?

Over textual content. We texted a lot at some stage in the celebrations. His spouse, Julie, is a huge supporter as well. How things are going, how proud we're, contend with yourself in Vegas. The texts became a chunk bizarre at the cease of the day, however I suppose they'd fun.

have you been following this weekend’s celebrations?

when I noticed Alex Ovechkin down at the fountain down on the harbor the front I idea that’s too crazy for me, however it regarded a laugh. It looked like that they had fun. We have been down at the pride parade, we had a massive Nordic glide. I controlled to get a Capitals flag on pinnacle of the go with the flow, so we had been celebrating in that context as nicely.

The drift turned into fashioned like a viking deliver, is that right?


What changed into your reaction whilst you noticed Eller score the Stanley Cup-triumphing goal?

That was implausible. if you wrote a fairy tale, you couldn’t write it any higher than that. i've a seven-year-old daughter who's a huge Caps fan as properly, and she has her own Eller blouse. She changed into up at the equal time, so we have been dancing around the residing room, i'm able to inform you that.

I saw there was a small watch birthday celebration in his hometown in Denmark, in Rødovre.  It ought to were broadcast pretty early inside the morning over there. 

I suppose while he scored the recreation-winning goal, it was around 5:30 in the morning. Rødovre is form of the principal city when it comes to hockey in Denmark. It wasn’t a big game in Denmark, however i'm able to tell you anyone is aware of about hockey in Denmark now. Even the high Minister became up tweeting approximately Lars Eller.

How lengthy have you ever been a hockey fan?

well this is a unusual story because of route I knew hockey but i used to be now not a massive fan until I got here to the United States 3 years ago. My appropriate friend Jack Davies is one of the owners of the Capitals, and he introduced me for a recreation towards the Florida Panthers, simply after Lars came right here (in 2016).

My spouse, Ulla, and i got to go down and meet with Lars and talk to him. That become simply an amazing sport. He definitely scored within the first sport I ever saw with him within the Capital One area and from there on i was just addicted to hockey. I’ve been looking all the video games ever given that, and i’ll be a Caps fan for lifestyles.

Do you think Eller will come to the embassy? Do you have got whatever deliberate to honor him?

well we are trying to make that work. We would like to have the Stanley Cup here, but as I recognize his plan is to take it domestic to Rødovre. As I understand it, he most effective has it for 24 hours, so we probable received’t get it at the embassy. however we’re genuinely going to have a reception and honor him.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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