We All Won the Stanley Cup

We All Won the Stanley Cup

I don't forget the first ice hockey game I ever absolutely watched part of. It became last Thursday night.

Like a kid who hears the thunder however misses the lightning, i used to be a thrilled mix of bewilderment and expectation and a touch panic. however what I definitely love about ice hockey to date is how I won the Stanley Cup. if you stay in Washington, you possibly won it, too. if you received it how I won it (exuberantly), you likely taken into consideration scaling a cop car before being dissuaded by way of a loved one. in case you received the Stanley Cup as I did (successfully, in a single night in reality), you probable wakened Friday morning kind of amazed to find out you continue to felt surely, clearly satisfied approximately it.

Washingtonians dressed in long-sleeved Caps sweaters that morning no matter the face-melting humidity, and i was buoyed to peer their commitment matched my own joy. The authorities insisted that we now not journey to Dulles to individually accumulate our Cup, which changed into disappointing, however in any other case my first full day because the winner of a remarkable drinking vessel handed in shared euphoria.

when you consider that then, the Stanley Cup were given a sky field for the Nats sport. It fountain-bathed on the Georgetown Waterfront. It dined at Cafe Milano. It’s been under the influence of alcohol with energy’s proximity. It’s been reliable-Sourced and web page-Sixed. individually, i've but to without a doubt see the three-foot-tall silver topiary, but i have already felt its presence on this city like a excessive-five to the coronary heart.

All this happiness the Stanley Cup is stoking has me wondering that maybe I, and additionally possibly you, don’t dislike Washington—not as lots as we suggest and on occasion flat-out insist we do. that in a few part a Washingtonian’s distaste for Washington is performative, a coded announcement that we’re normal, that we’re on this metropolis however now not of it. DC is a tough place of birth. Outsiders sense uniquely entitled to diagnose what’s incorrect with us. So whilst someone from beyond these cloistered borders asks if i like it right here, the “Umm, , elements of it” way I don’t just like the Washington I assume they’re asking approximately, the metonym for politicians schmoozing their way through life and wooden-paneled steakhouses.

but the Washington in which I live and invite pals over and, now, watch the Caps play? i really like it. perhaps one reason this city’s so ecstatic for the appearance of that beautiful, burnished 35-pound chalice is because we love Washington and generally we’re no longer allowed to expose it—no longer here in the icky, rusty coronary heart of that which won’t be tired.

but today is Parade Day. today we don’t have to dislike this city or even pretend to. It’s a corridor bypass to put on the (very currently bought) red jerseys featuring names of players we’re 80 percentage positive a way to pronounce and proudly scream that we received, that Washington gained. I gained! You gained! We gained! We’re an us. And us? We’re winners! want us to prove it? just study the massive cup!

after which perhaps day after today whilst human beings ask if we adore DC, we’ll consider Parade Day and say, “Umm, yes, often.” perhaps we gained’t use our jobs to justify that we must live here or why, despite the fact that we stay here, it’s ok because we’re no longer part of thaaaat Washington. And perhaps ultimately while a stranger or vacationer or character we cold-emailed to ask to espresso (due to the fact it is DC) asks in which we’re from, we’ll prevent rewinding all of the way returned to wherein our mother and father selected to stay whilst we have been born? We’ll just say Washington and depart it at that.

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