10 Things to Think About When Choosing Your Wedding Cake

10 Things to Think About When Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Ah the wedding cake, admittedly one of the nicest components of the planning enjoy but there’s plenty extra to them than you might imagine. unlike a normal cake you pick out up, these beauties take a variety of love, care and attention so to present you an idea of what’s involved and what makes up the rate, we’re sharing a few helpful guidelines and recommendations whilst it comes to deciding on your wedding ceremony cake…

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1. Your cake design 

desserts are available all shapes and sizes from towering spherical and square ranges to a laugh suitcase style designs for the tour fanatics, stacks of donuts and smaller, man or woman cakes like Meghan and Harry’s tasty trio! The exceptional way to get an concept of what your very own choice is is to begin looking at photos. check out a few gorgeous portfolios from Irish cake makers here and take a peek at a number of this 12 months’s most popular wedding ceremony cake tendencies here.

2. choosing your cake maker 

make certain your cake maker has a premises wherein they could meet you so you can flavor cake options and spot a number of their wedding creations. They ought to also be health board registered – in the end, you're coping with meals so you want to realize that has been made with care (just to notice, a few venues may not be given a cake where the provider is not HSE compliant).

every other factor to do not forget is cake makers all have exceptional rate stages and this may be right down to technique or nice of components – as an instance one cake maker might also charge X amount for a cake and another provider may additionally rate €2 hundred greater for a similar fashion. however, the difference is generally right down to the quality of elements and the skill involved in flawlessly crafting sugar flowers as an instance – the rate will reflect this.

Browse wedding ceremony Cake providers in eire!

photo from Siobhan & Mark’s actual wedding via IG Studio

3. The charge

wedding desserts can range in rate depending at the range of layers, ingredients, end, size and style. There’s quite a few labour and love that is going in to that masterpiece and masses greater except – there’s the design procedure and consultations, substances, labour and overheads. And of route, the extra complicated the cake design, the extra highly-priced it turns into. frequently transport is blanketed inside a neighborhood radius, outdoor of this delivery expenses may follow!

four. faux stages 

The fake tier fashion is genius but if you’re looking to keep large, this might be no longer the manner to go about it. professionals say it may best prevent approximately €20 according to layer because the cake maker still has to buy the faux tiers in and of path decorate them which remains the same quantity of work as with a regular wedding cake.

5. What length cake to shop for 

It’s all all the way down to non-public desire – and of route how many human beings you need to feed! A three tier 6-8-10″ round cake will usually yield a hundred and twenty-a hundred and forty portions, depending on who cuts it and the fillings inside. soft cake yield less quantities whereas you’ll get greater from the likes of a chocolate biscuit cake or conventional fruit cakes. Your very own non-public choice may also come in to play – in case you’re seeking out the wow thing, you would possibly like a huge, brilliant cake or if price range is a challenge, possibly you’re after some thing smaller.

6. taste is exquisite critical too

You want the cake to look incredible however it has to taste it too! ensure to agenda in a tasting consultation together with your baker where you can sample masses of yummy flavours – cake makers are continuously experimenting so depending in your tastes, you could come across everything from famous flavours which include crimson velvet and chocolate biscuit cake to more extravagant pairings like champagne and strawberries or coffee and white chocolate. you could of direction have a distinct flavour for each layer or tier – it may be a lovable manner to personalise your wedding ceremony so visitors get to pattern some of your favourites!

photo by means of Marianne Wilson photography thru wedding Chicks

7. do not forget the venue

If it’s a big venue, a small two tier cake might also look a little bit lost so do soak up to consideration the fashion and size of your venue –  one manner to ensure it has greater of an impact is with the likes of cake stands and pedestals!

Tip: Ask the venue what cake stand they supply as this may impact your selection!

8. Don’t go away it until the final minute

just like photographers and bands, cake makers are in call for so it’s first-rate to e book whatever up to six-eight months earlier (or more) to make certain you get a slot with your selected provider!

9. Getting cake from circle of relatives or pals 

this is a in reality unique event and also you’ll want the whole lot simply right so weigh up whether or not you or a member of the family need to take at the strain of a DIY wedding cake. buying a wedding cake from a expert offers you piece of mind – it’s their process to create and deliver a beautiful cake. Cake makers will realize the entirety there may be to recognise about storing and transporting your cake too, something a eager baker might not so it’s well worth taking this in to consideration if you’re toying with the idea of having a pal or member of the family take in your wedding cake. As cited, a few venues will no longer take delivery of a cake where the baker isn't always HSE compliant so be sure to check this earlier as properly!

Cake Topper through Belle Toppers, ireland image via Corin Bishop pictures

10. Don’t overlook the little extras

things like a terrifi stand to your masterpiece and a a laugh cake topper can truly end it off so make certain to think about the overall appearance. Irish groups Belle Toppers and Cake Toppers ireland focus on customised caricature cake toppers in which you can have miniature variations of you and your other half while Your ideal finish – Cake Toppers and The Cake Topper have fabulous silhouette and calligraphy style toppers which could customized for that more special touch!

every other famous trend is not just to have one cake but to have a dessert desk complete of all your preferred sorts and flavours – take a look at out some gorgeous thoughts right here!

pinnacle Tip: the wedding day whizzes by way of and at the same time as you'll get to cut the cake, you won't get to pattern it! make certain to appoint someone to prevent a slice so that you can tuck in to it the next day as you flick through your guests photos!

most important image from Ashley & Michael’s real wedding by way of Fleeting Moments images

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