What Happened to the Tronc-Axios Partnership?

What Happened to the Tronc-Axios Partnership?

The capacity efficiencies sounded so sweet. Arlington news startup Axios, the Wall avenue journal pronounced in January, changed into in talks to provide its bullet-pointed DC-insider insurance to the la times and possibly even other newspapers owned by means of the media conglomerate Tronc.

any such partnership would appear to make feel: Tronc, which had achieved an outstanding task stripping assets and morale from its papers, may want to sprinkle a touch of Axios’s buzz over the times. Its newsroom turned into already reeling from the announcement of an investigation into its publisher and CEO, Ross Levinsohn, following a devastating account of his behavior. Levinsohn’s hand-picked top editor, Lewis D’Vorkin, had baffled times personnel with a fixation on GIFs and buzzwords; he also released a  probe to discover who leaked audio of newsroom conferences.

thru all of the agita, even though, Tronc (a widely reviled rebranding for the organization previously referred to as Tribune Publishing) maintained a Washington, DC, bureau that served no longer simply the times but other Tronc homes like the Chicago Tribune, the Hartford Courant, and the Orlando Sentinel. The capability Axios deal reportedly sounded to some staffers like Tronc planned to ax, or at the least downsize, the outpost.

D’Vorkin left. Tronc left, promoting the times to Patrick quickly-Shiong and recalling Levinsohn to Chicago. Tronc left itself, in the end figuring out to exchange its godawful name. And the DC bureau, which quickly-Shiong stated Tronc changed into making plans to gut, conveyed with the instances with an agreement to maintain serving the opposite papers for some time.

but where does all this go away Axios? It’s doing great: adding coins and newsroom jobs, even getting into swanky new digs. And the Tronc partnership? The events talked, but nothing got here of the attempt, Axios spokesperson Megan Swiatkowski tells Washingtonian.

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