The Runner’s Guide to Washington

The Runner’s Guide to Washington

in some unspecified time in the future among Teddy Roosevelt looping through Rock Creek Park for his nighttime jogs and Ivanka Trump footing it through Kalorama, secret carrier in tow, Washington have become captivated with going for walks. who are the area’s maximum elite runners? wherein can you run inside the middle of the workday? And what if all you need to do is run for beer? We’ve were given all that and extra inside the Runner’s guide to Washington.

these articles seemed inside the June 2018 issue of Washingtonian.

understand your DC walking trivialities? In 1994, Oprah completed the Marine Corps Marathon—which she had vowed to run before turning forty.

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because in which else are you able to booze inside the call of fitness?

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"within the never-ending dreariness of what Washington seems like, it’s grow to be an escape," says Meet the clicking host Chuck Todd.

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Meet three of these first-rate-human neighborhood runners like Susanna Sullivan, Washington's fastest woman within the marathon—and the mile.

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Gene Demby, the 37-12 months-vintage cohost of NPR’s Code switch, runs on the Mall often.

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Our place has a race for each pace.

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After her first marathon, Suzanne Malveaux noticed the worst celebrity finishes—however she hasn't permit that forestall her.

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Plus 4 first-rate runs you may do to your lunch ruin.

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