A Brief History of US Presidents and Gifts of Entertainment

A Brief History of US Presidents and Gifts of Entertainment

Congratulations, you’ve lived long enough to read the headline “Kim Jong-un gets Elton John CD from Secretary of country Mike Pompeo.” according to Korean information source Chosun, the person dubbed via President Donald Trump as “Lil’ Rocket guy” turned into brought to the actual component via a gift from the Trump administration Thursday. Trump reportedly stuck wind that Kim was unusual with the track that stimulated his notorious nickname and decided to send him over the track with a personalized notice. at the same time as it’s in all likelihood new for the us and North Korea to proportion mix tapes, the exchange of media between global leaders is whatever however. In fact, the White residence has an extended history with portable media, from CDs to DVDs to type of sad iPods.

right here’s a number of that records in brief:

2001: invoice Clinton packs up his various CD collection from the White house himself. according to a mover interviewed by means of Washington enterprise magazine, Clinton’s collection changed into eclectic and covered tune by means of Tupac Shakur.

2005: The big apple instances receives a peek at George W. Bush‘s iPod and what Rolling Stone journalist Joe Levy called his “suggestive but now not outright filthy” playlist. some of the tunes on rotation, installed for the President via marketing campaign strategist Mark McKinnon, covered the Knack’s “My Sharona” and John Fogerty‘s “Centerfield.” Levy stated that Bush had “a bit little bit of a flavor for tough middle and honky-tonk.”

2007: President Bush receives a $15 “Jazz for Quiet Moments” from the Sultan of Brunei. Later that year, the Governor-general of Australia proficient 3 of his own: Born to survive: The best of Troy Cassar-Daley, by way of Troy Cassar-Daley; ‘The Very exceptional of slender Dusty, by means of slender Dusty; and, as it should be, Spirit of the Bush, through Lee Kernaghan. government files nation the President normal the items because “non-recognition” might embarrass both the present giver and america All gifts have been saved in kingdom’s overseas data.

2009: before we entered the #FakeNews #Collusion information cycle, Russia talented Barack Obama a CD holder and a few CDs. For the second time, surely. (do we think Putin is re-gifting?) Poland, France, Trinidad and Tobago, ireland, and Brazil all accompanied suit in years to come. Now that’s what I name tune.

2009: Obama may additionally have accomplished a piece of re-gifting himself. In alternate for an decorative pen holder with timber from anti-slave deliver HMS Gannet, Obama gave then British prime Minister Gordon Brown a hefty container of 25 DVDs. not even Blu-rays. The each day Mail reported that a few highlights of the collection protected Casablanca and ET.

It’s the thought that counts, proper?

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