Wayne Rooney Is the Perfect DC Celebrity

Wayne Rooney Is the Perfect DC Celebrity

One time I noticed David Brooks hail a cab in DC. I still experience awful about this. I imply, it’s embarrassing enough that I diagnosed him by using his author photo, but my disgrace is geometrically elevated by way of the truth that I stay in an area in which David Brooks is a quite properly superstar sighting.

Washington’s loss of celebrities is baked into its lifestyles: Many international capitals carry collectively their nations’ political, enjoyment, and economic institutions in addition to stars of neighborhood sports and business. here, we normally ought to wait round for well-known people to go to the Capitol to lobby for an obscure endangered animal. So inside the ordinary direction of activities, recognizing John Michael Higgins at a Pret on L avenue, which i'm proud to say I did lately, is a brag you may clearly go to city on.

but now DC has a actual global celeb in its midst. Wayne Rooney these days signed with D.C. United, and because the Washington publish has referred to, he has greater Twitter fans than all of DC’s sports activities teams and their largest stars mixed. In his native Britain, Rooney’s hairline is an issue of country wide significance. but in Washington, parent reporter Les chippie found, only a few people recognize who he is.

This is probably a nice alternate for Wayne Rooney, who can’t even break out with a drunken VW ride back home. And whilst I’d be pleased to cowl his antics as an editor at a news outlet that currently wrote up Kristen Wiig shopping for some playing cards, my guess is Wayne Rooney could be able to lay a lot lower over here. that is an ever-greater worldly region, however the planet’s maximum popular recreation nonetheless instructions a smaller percentage of the region’s intellectual actual estate than hockey. So don’t neglect to check out Clarendon, Wayne Rooney!

In reality, you could argue that Rooney will be the uncommon international movie star who concurrently can be what we name “Washington famous”—difficulty to wall-to-wall tabloid coverage lower back domestic, but engendering the type of quiet, spotting-Janet Napolitano-makes-me-part-of-the-cosmopolitan-tribe thrill here inside the Beltway. for plenty people right here, intermittent repute is the appropriate. It’s what lets you fill Politics and Prose during your book speak after which dine in peace across the street. (That unwritten compact used to cowl maximum management officials, too, but it’s now off.) It’s additionally one of the underappreciated reasons for residing right here: you may do paintings that touches a whole lot of humans and now have masses of elbow room on the farmers marketplace. The fame Wayne Rooney enjoyed in Britain appears more like the form of reputation young humans expect–dumb nicknames, intrigue, sordid intercourse scandals. here he’ll be capable of go to paintings, come domestic, and perhaps even visit dinner with out making Playbook. He’ll of route need to keep away from David Brooks if that is what he wants.

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