We Ranked Least Authentic Poke Bowls You Can Create Around DC

We Ranked Least Authentic Poke Bowls You Can Create Around DC

bear in mind again in 2015 when DC turned into a great poke wilderness? speedy ahead and now there are at least 20 poke shops within the Washingtonian region and loads extra coming. 

however, there’s a massive distinction among “Mainland poke” and actual Hawaiian poke. The island stuff is traditionally pretty simple: cubed uncooked tuna, onions, and a soy-sesame oil sauce. once in a while, a highly spiced mayo sauce is allowable. fowl and kale? Um, no. 

As someone born and raised in Hawaii who’s eaten her honest share of poke, I dissected DC-place menus to locate the least real bowls available. right here’s my ranking from terrible to worse:

five. Pokéworks4221 John Marr Dr., AnnandaleThe dish: Seaweed-wrapped “poke burrito” filled with sushi rice, fowl, kale, cilantro, mango, and orange segments.Our take: This isn’t virtually poke… or a burrito. A wrap? perhaps?

four. Poki DC 1895 L St., NW; 906 F St., NWThe dish: Zucchini noodles and sous-vide bird breast crowned with cilantro, kale, watermelon radish, and tangerine, then drizzled with a candy strawberry sauce.Our take: Strawberry sauce belongs on an ice cream sundae. “Zoodles” belong nowhere. 

three. Poké Papa806 H St., NWThe dish: combined vegetables and larb hen crowned with cilantro, jalapeno, coconut flakes, and carrot, plus a mango-chili-lime sauce.Our take: Poke in Hawaiian actually method “to reduce crosswise into portions,” not grind up like larb (which, through the manner, is Thai). that is only a salad.

2. Aloha Pokē Co50 Massachusetts Ave., NEThe dish: Kelp noodles and grilled chook crowned with jalapeno, pineapple, and crunch, plus yuzu-ranch sauce.Our take: The Chicago-based totally chain behind this concoction recently sent quit-and-desist letters to Hawaiian-owned poke shops for the usage of the word “aloha” in their names. difficult to believe they’re looking to declare  “aloha” whilst they could slightly claim poke. 

1. PokeHub:11990 market St., RestonThe dish: Chips and candy egg topped with cilantro, jalapeno, pineapple, and candy corn mixed, plus a Chipotle mayo sauce.Our take: This sounds more like the most disappointing plate of nachos ever.

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