Bill Marriott Responds to Son’s Lawsuit, Alleging Erratic, Drug-Fueled Behavior

Bill Marriott Responds to Son’s Lawsuit, Alleging Erratic, Drug-Fueled Behavior

a brand new court submitting within the lawsuit among two generations of Marriotts lays naked greater intricacies of a circle of relatives drama that has spread out out of public view for years.

In a motion to push aside his son John Marriott III’s lawsuit in opposition to him, Marriott worldwide chairman invoice Marriott claims John’s allegations are false, and that his son’s drug and alcohol abuse is in charge for the circle of relatives rift.

In October, John—the one time inheritor apparent to the Marriott motel empire—sued his father, alleging that bill Marriott disowned him, reduce him off from his accept as true with fund, drove him out of the own family enterprise, and is making an attempt to push him into monetary wreck, all brought on via John’s 2015 divorce towards the needs of his religious Mormon dad and mom. till the lawsuit, the Marriotts had maintained a in large part unblemished, healthful public photo.

John additionally named his uncle, Richard Marriott, within the suit, claiming that as another trustee of the family fortune, Richard had the energy to prevent invoice’s retaliation.

inside the latest court docket submitting, however, bill and Richard say John does not have grounds to sue over get admission to to his trust fund. they say they are nicely within their rights as trustees to decide whether or not or no longer John gets distributions from the believe.

“The trust agreement…expressly grants the trustees uncontrolled discretion with appreciate to whether or not, while and to which of the accept as true with beneficiaries distributions are to be made,” reads the movement to push aside. “[It] gives no beneficiary a criminal right to get hold of any precise distributions or any distributions at all.”

In his lawsuit and in an interview with Washingtonian, John describes what he says had been a sequence of punishments from his father, springing up from his divorce—which include allegations that he became forced off of Marriott worldwide’s board, and pressured out as CEO of some other family hotel enterprise known as JWM circle of relatives enterprises. no longer so, say bill and Richard Marriott of their new courtroom submitting. rather, they allege John’s personal “detrimental behaviors” stemming from his addictions are the cause of any “expert outcomes.”

throughout the primary sector of 2014, at the same time as John became nevertheless CEO of JWM circle of relatives corporations, invoice and Richard allege that “John went lacking for weeks. At instances, no person ought to attain him: no longer his co-employees, now not his family, his wife or children. because it turned out, John had been spending a lot of that point distant places in France and Switzerland.” (John’s female friend, whom he began seeing previous to his divorce, lives in the French Alps.)

only after John lower back and his brother David Marriott “for my part observed him to a rehabilitation facility in California” did the own family come “to understand the intensity of John’s ailment and the disconcerting lengths to which he turned into going so as to obtain the medication that fueled his dependancy.” John left rehab early and persevered to behave erratically, invoice and Richard declare. (John alleges that his father has recognized about his dependancy for many years, but didn’t care as long as John didn’t publicly tarnish the family’s wholesome image.)

bill and Richard say John changed into offered a set of phrases below which he may want to remain as CEO of JWM, persevering with to get hold of average reimbursement of $3 million a year, however he declined. The terms covered submitting to random drug trying out and being inside the office or on enterprise travel Monday through Friday.

John says that he built JWM right into a sixteen-belongings operation with greater than $30 million in income. As any other act of retaliation for his divorce, he says his father significantly slashed his fairness in the JWM resorts. but invoice and Richard allege that numerous of the resorts had been failing financially, and “about $100 million” in loans have been in jeopardy of going unpaid. The financial mess, they declare, is what brought about the restructuring of the JWM motels’ financing and the discount in John’s equity.

invoice and Richard Marriott have retained two high-powered lawyers to shield them: Donald Verrilli Jr.—who served as US Solicitor preferred during the Obama administration—and Michael DeSanctis, both companions at Munger Tolles & Olson.

John Marriott is represented by veteran trial legal professional Mark Hansen of litigation firm Kellogg Hansen. asked for comment on the motion to disregard, a spokesperson for the company and John stated, “John Marriott’s grievance speaks for itself, and the merits will be judged via the courtroom.”

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