Union Market Scores a New Vendor for Comforting Chicken Soups and Homemade Yogurt Bowls 

Union Market Scores a New Vendor for Comforting Chicken Soups and Homemade Yogurt Bowls 

Matzo ball soup and pho bowls arrive at Union marketplace on February 1 way to the meals corridor’s newest vendor: Prescription fowl.

The health-minded soup professional launched a 12 months and a 1/2 ago in nearby grocery stores and through shipping, serving bird soups suited to various ailments and moods. (think “hangry”-style loaded with pulled white meat, vegetables, and a combination of egg noodles and matzoh balls, or a spicy hangover-pleasant model brewed with stomach-soothing ginger and turmeric.) proprietor Valerie Zweig’s thought for the employer became her own bout with laryngitis a few years in the past, whilst she changed into craving a simple broth transport even as sick in mattress. Prescription now offers that, too—or even “amazing ill” applications with orange juice, tea, tissues, and throat lozenges.

You don’t need to feel some thing besides hungry (or bloodless!) to experience the soups. At Union marketplace, Zweig will offer her middle menu, plus 3 distinctiveness bowls: a “faux pho” with spicy chicken broth and rice noodles, a creamy old Bay hen choice, and a Thai-fashion coconut-lime broth with dill and chook-basil dumplings. programs could be available to-go or by using the bowl to eat at the market.

Rounding out the menu are Poppy’s bagel bites, mini challah breads, and a rotating selection of home made yogurt bowls from sister company Gertie’s. Zweig likens them to “contemporary parfaits” with a base of freshly made plain or chocolate yogurt and toppings like macerated strawberries and granola, or pina colada-inspired coconut-chia pudding, pineapple, mint, and toasted coconut.

“We for my part like bird soup within the morning, however not regular does,” says Zweig.

search for Prescription chicken to launch in the former Toli Moli merchandising space on February 1 for at the least six months. within the period in-between, you may locate them popping up at Dupont’s Made in DC. 

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