An Internet Troll Impersonated a DC-Area Bar Owner to Make a Death Threat

An Internet Troll Impersonated a DC-Area Bar Owner to Make a Death Threat

the day past, Katie Rife, a news editor for the AV club, were given a facebook message telling her to “devour a shotgun barrel for lunch” in reaction to a tale she’d written about Oprah Winfrey probably strolling for president.

“No wonder you would want fat Oprah as president, while all you do us [sic] whine like a touch bitch with a skinned knee all day approximately Trump,” it study in element. other language in the tirade become a long way uglier.

Rife is no stranger to online trolls; remaining summer season, a radio surprise jock had sicced his followers on her and was in the long run banned for Twitter. but this become worse. “It was one of the meanest ones I’ve ever got,” she says.

The message got here from a person named Scott Parker. Rife did a opposite photograph seek and observed the profile photograph belonged to one of the owners of several Arlington bars, along with A-metropolis Bar & Grill, Don Tito, Barley Mac, and The G.O.A.T. sports activities bar. Rife published a screenshot of the message on Twitter and referred to as out publications that had praised his bars.

because it seems, even though, the Scott Parker who threatened Rife wasn’t the Arlington bar owner. The real Scott Parker has been managing an internet troll attacking him and impersonating him for months. He had no idea how bad things had gotten.

The harassment began within the fall with a Twitter account known as @fuckscottparker, whose profile read “hi! I’m Scott Parker the worlds largest dickhead!” The troll tweeted insults at him and his bars as many as five to ten instances day. “it might say things like, ‘I’m going to get blacked out with all my bros.’ All kinds of very weird shit,” says Parker, who's a getting better alcoholic and doesn’t drink.

Parker says he’s by no means had plenty of drama in his life. He doesn’t remember a specially indignant consumer. He says he hasn’t had any dating or private troubles.

“I felt confused, amazed that someone could have that kind of a hassle with me after which additionally spend sufficient time to create a Twitter web page committed to saying ‘f’ me,” he says. “I couldn’t consider all and sundry I made that mad that they’re going to spend their time doing this.”

Parker mostly disregarded the Twitter web page—he doesn’t tweet—and subsequently sufficient friends suggested the page that it was taken down. He became aware about the facebook page impersonating him approximately a month ago, whilst it started friending his buddies. The catfish blocked him, so he couldn’t see it. still, Parker says the fb page hadn’t brought on any troubles for him until he found out about the message to Rife the day gone by.

Rife deleted her tweets and posted an update whilst she realized she had the incorrect man. “I sense awful. I sense responsible for purchasing an harmless person wrapped up in this,” she says. It didn’t arise to her that the harassing message would possibly have come from a catfish.

“There’s no real protocol for when you get attacked by a troll, and so that you try and use your investigative competencies to locate them at the internet, and this was only a step I didn’t reflect onconsideration on taking that i can clearly take first subsequent time it happens,” Rife says.

Rife talked to the actual Parker nowadays, and he became “very gracious.” Parker says he apologized to her for purchasing stuck up within the drama, “but I don’t know what to mention, it wasn’t me.” meanwhile, he rallied buddies to document the faux web page, and as of this morning, it become taken down.

Parker remains reeling from the fallout of the misdirected accusations. within the beyond 24 hours, he and his institutions have gotten a number of calls and emails calling him a “misogynist,” “piece of shit,” and worse. Plus, he still doesn’t realize what other damage the fake Scott Parker can also have done.

“What worries me is that perhaps the page is obtainable harassing tons of people the same way it turned into the previous day,” Parker says. “For all I understand, perhaps there are 50 those who are frustrated proper now.”

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