Which of These Sexy, Sexy Presidents Had the Best Beard?

Which of These Sexy, Sexy Presidents Had the Best Beard?

Who become the sexiest President? Former Washington post staffer Kate Dobson and onetime Senate aide J.D. Dobson discover that pressing question in their new ebook, freshest Heads of country. because beards are having a second, we requested the authors to recognition on the most splendid POTUS facial boom.

Don’t you just want to attain out and grab that fantastic handlebar? “It truly suits his face,” says Kate. “He just appears incredible in it. that is a man who knows a way to use razors and likes to apply razors. whenever he’s going to the rest room, he’s touching it up.”

Connecting your chops for your ’stache is a critically superior maneuver. “He had muttonchops, like, his entire lifestyles,” says J.D. “They’re very placing and thoroughly groomed—he took care of them. He just stored developing them longer and longer.”

His astonishingly sculptural sideburns could make even Elvis jealous. “there is simply hair exploding from his cheekbones,” says J.D. “It’s like two or three inches, straight out.”

If he hadn’t been assassinated simply two hundred days into his presidency, who knows how plenty bushier matters should’ve gotten? “He had a honestly thick, lustrous beard,” says Kate. “It turned into plenty better shaped than Rutherford B. Hayes’s.”

Our nineteenth commander in leader become impressively hirsute. “in case you best noticed a image, you'll possibly anticipate he turned into an old-timey gold prospector in place of a President,” says J.D.

this article appears inside the January 2018 issue of Washingtonian.

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