DC’s Newest Food Hall Will Have Cookie Dough Sundaes, Cheesesteaks, and a Benjamin Franklin-Themed Bar

DC’s Newest Food Hall Will Have Cookie Dough Sundaes, Cheesesteaks, and a Benjamin Franklin-Themed Bar

Kirk and Juliann Francis spent a decade baking in communal kitchens for their Captain Cookie and the Milk man business. It turned into a value-effective way to construct the agency, which began as a a aspect hustle supplying espresso stores and advanced right into a full-time undertaking consisting of 3 food vehicles, a storefront, and catering. however sharing other human beings’s mixers and ovens wasn’t constantly easy. every now and then the kitchens had been overcrowded. Or the neighborhoods felt risky. Or they felt powerless to restore troubles rapid sufficient.

So when the couple commenced looking for a brand new space to make bigger their cookie-making operation, they first of all imagined they’d move into a facility all their very own. but as they talked to different enterprise friends, they realized loads of people had been looking for kitchens. It took place to them: why now not create the dream communal area they continually desired?

The end result is Tastemakers, a food incubator—and food hall—located in a former mayonnaise manufacturing unit in Brookland. the space now hosts production for 15 nearby food corporations (with room for more), including Bullfrog Bagels, Shrub District, and Republic Kolache. it will also quickly be domestic to vendors promoting the entirety from cheesesteaks to falafel to diners, plus a bar.

Tastemakers has all the matters the Francises have been seeking out: lots of sinks in special areas, so humans don’t pile up in a single dishwashing sector. electricity-green furniture and device. sun panels at the roof. an indication kitchen for cooking lessons and tastings. Co-running area. Oh, and herbal light—this professional kitchen genuinely has windows.

unlike different DC meals incubators, like Union Kitchen and Mess corridor (Captain Cookie became by no means a member of both), Tastemakers may even have a food corridor open to the public. Assuming everything stays on course, six carriers and a bar will open via March. As of now, there’s simply one: Captain Cookie. in addition to the warm, fresh-baked cookies, the stand additionally elements ice cream and cookie dough sundaes. The cookie dough, which comes in seven extraordinary flavors, makes use of pasteurized eggs and warmth-dealt with flour for safe consuming.

as a minimum 3 meals truck operators can even have their very own stalls. DC SteakHolders plans to sell cheesesteaks, DC Ballers will deliver falafel and fries, and Ball or nothing may also or may not decide to provide its signature meatballs (but we’re hearing communicate of fried hen Mondays). in the meantime, DC Vegan Catering will offer meatless fare like Buffalo cauliflower “wings” and king trumpet mushroom “calamari.” ability options for the final space include a taco bar from the DC Empanadas and Taco Del Barrio team or a bagel spot from Bullfrog Bagels.

all the providers begin with six-month contracts, so changeover is probably over the years. Plus, the meals corridor plans to host some of pop-ups.

The bar will be called Benjamin’s on Franklin, since the place is on Franklin road. Kites and keys will cling from the ceiling, and bookshelves will house conventional literature, together with a few titles relating to the Founding Father. in the back of the bar, you’ll discover Anxo cider because “Benjamin Franklin cherished apples,” Francis says, and French wine due to the fact he become the primary US ambassador to France. meanwhile, 4 taps will pour neighborhood beers, whilst eighty-percent of the liquor is sourced from DC-region distillers. Logan Bond, an alum of Copycat Co. and Denson Liquor Bar, will oversee the invention-orientated cocktail menu (again, within the spirit of Ben Franklin) with hand-carved ice.

“We’re no longer sure if we’re going to move full tacky or make it an understated, fashionable Ben Franklin subject matter,” Kirk Francis says.

the distance can even eventually have a clutch-and-pass grocery section offering products from Tastemaker individuals and different local purveyors, in addition to draft nitro brews from Alchemist coffee. nearby artwork will grasp on the walls.

“Taking that step of constructing out a retail area for yourself is truely scary and prohibitive to a variety of people,” Juliann Francis says. “So in a community space like this, we’re presenting threat to do it while not having to consider codes and toilets. We’ve already were given that here.”

Tastemakers. 2800 10th St., NE. 

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DC’s Newest Food Hall Will Have Cookie Dough Sundaes, Cheesesteaks, and a Benjamin Franklin-Themed Bar Photo Gallery