This Arcade Bar Looks Like a 1970s Rumpus Room—With Sex Toys in the Claw Machine

This Arcade Bar Looks Like a 1970s Rumpus Room—With Sex Toys in the Claw Machine

gamers membership, a ’70s-styled basement arcade bar coming to Logan Circle at the end of the month, has all of the classic games: pinball, Skee-Ball, coin-operated pool tables, PacMan.

after which there’s the claw system… simplest this one grabs sex toys.

“Why no longer?,” says co-proprietor Ian Hilton, who operates the Brixton, El Rey, and a bunch of other U avenue-centric bars together with his brother Eric Hilton. “how will you get a grown-ass man to do a claw system?”

The claw gadget may be packed with condoms, KY-Jelly, “earrings that don’t pass to your finger,” “matters which can be meant for him but top for her,” and “perhaps a prosthetic here and there,” Hilton says. loose drink tickets and cigarettes can also be within the mix.

“We gotta be a little bit careful because we’re already having humans hit us up for Bar Mitzvahs,” Hilton says. “I’m like, ‘Uh oh, what are we going to do about that?'”

The claw device will also have extra PG prizes like basketball and hockey tickets. And there’s plenty of different correct old fashioned fun some place else inside the bar, together with vintage board games like Clue, life, chance, Mork & Mindy, and Bionic crisis. you may also take some pix—hold it easy, oldsters!—in a picture sales space.

Architect Michael Francis, who’s in the back of the looks of Maketto and the Hiltons’ new Pod hotel projects, designed the wooden-paneled “rumpus room” with vintage living room furniture and unfashionable wallpaper. old comics, buying and selling playing cards, and album covers are embedded below the bar pinnacle, and the restrooms are decorated in Tetris-like tiles.

“We desired to do a ’70s vibe that became a comic story,” Francis says. gamers membership, as an instance, is actually a nod to the bargain hotel and on line casino advertisements starring singer and actor small screen television Savalas.

as if a sex toy claw system isn’t enough entertainment, expect plenty of TVs gambling games, occasional DJs, and a CD jukebox.

The bar will offer 8 draft beers plus around 20 bottles and cans as well as a handful of cocktails. but first-rate of all: players membership has an arrangement with its upstairs neighbor, Shake Shack, so that clients can order burgers with out leaving the bar.

gamers club. 1400 14th St., NW (basement). 

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This Arcade Bar Looks Like a 1970s Rumpus Room—With Sex Toys in the Claw Machine Photo Gallery