Curling Clubs Are Overwhelmed With Interest After the Olympics

Curling Clubs Are Overwhelmed With Interest After the Olympics

individuals may additionally have gotten uninterested in looking the wintry weather Olympics on tv, however numerous humans seem to be inquisitive about in reality attempting curling. The volunteer-run Potomac Curling membership in Laurel has been short on area and long on voicemails because the games, wherein the us men’s curling team received gold.

“We’ve been crushed with requests,” says Joe Rockenbach, the president of the board of directors on the Potomac Curling membership.

The 300-member membership has seen hobby up throughout all age stages, but Rockenbach referred to that it seemed specifically huge among adults. The 12 spots to be had within the “Saturday morning breakfast extravaganza,” the membership’s handiest drop-in curling occasion, fill up in “literally 8 seconds,” Rockenbach said.

“It’s a great trouble to have…however we've confined space. It’s superb, however it’s pretty a trouble.”

Why are so many people interested in curling? a couple of reasons come to mind.

“After the games you have this…we call it broom-stacking, which comes from whilst, a long time in the past, midway via the sport, you'll take a ruin,” Rockenbach explained. “absolutely everyone could stack their brooms at the ice, move off the ice and socialize. Have a drink or , a little snack, and simply hang out. while the sport is over in recent times, anyone will shake hands, take a seat down, and dangle out with the other team for a while.”

“I suppose people see it on tv and think ‘i'm able to do this,’” stated Rockenbach. “It’s one of the rare Olympic sports activities wherein you can say that. i can’t watch ski jumping and say, ‘oh, i can do that.’ Curling clearly appears that manner. You don’t should be 6-foot-7, you don’t ought to squat 500 pounds to play.” Curling is likewise “a sport wherein a set of 35-year-vintage men can without a doubt lose to a group of 65-12 months-antique women — and it’s now not that big of a deal.”

“It’s a slow sport,” Rockenbach said. “you can watch the approach evolve, and you could examine as you move alongside. With curling, it’s like bocce. and then, if you watch greater of it, you begin to choose up at the approach.”

even though curling remains a niche recreation–of the most populated 14 city facilities within the US, about none offer a dedicated curling membership inside city limits–interest in it continues to grow and that spills over into new centers, too.

“There’s simply an extended hobby in curling,” says Kim Nawyn, director of boom and improvement at united states Curling. She cited filled-to-bursting open houses at clubs, in addition to a developing variety of clubs and facilities throughout the united states of america. u.s. Curling and its affiliate golf equipment welcome the boom; curlers have a real humorousness approximately their game. The hold track at united states Curling, for example, is a Cheetos-affiliated cowl of “train Me the way to Dougie,” titled “teach Me a way to Curl.” yes, there’s a song video.

The Potomac Curling club noticed a net benefit of 60 participants, approximately 20 percentage of its modern-day club, after the 2014 winter Olympics. Rockenback expects to peer a similar surge in club this year.

“there was a spike (in club) in 2010, after which it dips.” stated Rockenbach. “Spike in 2014, after which it dips. however, while it dips, humans tend to stick round extra.”

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