5 Things to Know About DC’s First Meatball Shop 

5 Things to Know About DC’s First Meatball Shop 

the first Meatball save outside of new York city will open on 14th road later this spring. The branch—a 6th for the specialised chain—takes over the former Cork Wine Bar area. We talked to CEO Adam Rosenbaum approximately what to expect.

The menu might also appearance a bit distinct. 

Meatball keep is a tremendous-specialized idea, but the menu is extra customizable than your common full-provider eating place (plus: you can mark it up with erasable pens). Diners can mix-and-suit numerous meatballs—highly spiced pork, fowl, veggie, etc.—with a spread of sauces like tomato or mushroom cream, and choose automobiles which include sliders, heroes, salads, and pasta/risotto bowls. For dessert: greater balls, this time ice cream which could normal into DIY ice cream sandwiches. Rosenbaum says the crew is likewise looking at DC-particular offerings, which includes neighborhood beers and spirits for cocktails, breads, vegetable facet dishes, and of course, specials like a Chesapeake crab ball.

The kitchen could be open early and late-night time.

sure Meatball keep locations serve until 4 AM within the city that by no means sleeps. however in DC, Rosenbaum says the plan is to serve the total food menu until middle of the night on maximum weekdays and a couple of AM, Thursday via Saturday. similarly to filling a late-night time eating area of interest on 14th avenue, the store will be a part of the community’s small group of sit down-down eating places that are open for weekday lunch.

There can be a special bar.

simply as inside the Cork days, the primary bar may be front-and-middle for eating and ingesting; NYC’s menus have playful options like fancy Jell-O pictures and customizable whiskey beverages. Rosenbaum says there also “might be something amusing” going on in the eating place’s rear mezzanine along the traces in their Hell’s Kitchen bar, Sidepiece. “It now not going to be a separate space, however we’ve talked about a couple of menu gadgets and unique cocktails you can most effective get there,” says Rosenbaum. right here’s hoping for meatball fondue.

The “grandma’s house” appearance is getting a makeover. 

The chain’s original aesthetic become what Rosenbaum describes as “living room-secure” (antique furniture, “pics of humans’s families who we don’t recognize”). He says the 80-seat DC area might be revamped with a brighter, fresher appearance. “We may also have a neon sign of a pig butt going into a grinder.” And of course, the region isn’t above balls jokes.

They’re no longer those men. 

bear in mind DC’s first meatball restaurant? Meatballs a.k.a. the eating place that no one wanted to personal, and which closed inside eight months? This isn’t that.

“For us it’s understanding who’s in the back of the business, and making sure the DC marketplace is aware what we’re doing,” says Rosenbaum. on the identical time, despite a few local laments that yet some other out-of-city chain is setting up save on 14th road, Rosenbaum says they’re no longer going to be the ones men.  “in case you try and come into the DC market, or any market, and pop your collar like, ‘Yeah, we’re the Meatball save, we’re here to reveal you how it’s finished.’ forget about approximately it, you may’t do that. We want to have a period of pals and circle of relatives, get worried in the community, and pay attention to what they need.”

The Meatball store. 1720 14th St. NW.

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